Ultra absorbent

SpillVak is committed to research-based, premium products. Packed with all-natural, fast-acting ultra-absorbents that are thorough and safe, SpillVak is the natural choice for your facility.

9x Absorbsion


“SpillVak is 100% better at picking up material. It picks up the spill quickly, absorbs fully without leaving a trace, and is easier to handle.”

Gene Lopez, Director of Seidner’s Collision Centers


“SpillVak surprised me. It is super easy to use. It doesn’t just mix with a spill, it actively absorbs it.”

– Anthony Vanetti, Lucas Oil NHRA Drag Racer

“After seeing this stuff in action, it seems to be one of the best stuff out there. I can’t wait to use it myself!”

– Kurt Krogman

“Spillvak is THE product to pick up every type of liquid spill. Fast, easy to use and a great choice for your wallet.”

– Lex Joon

SpillVak absorbs up to

6 Times

more fluid than
other absorbents.

SpillVak absorbs up to

6 Times

more fluid than  other absorbents.

Ultra-Absorbent SpillVak is
  • Reusable up to 6 times
  • All natural
  • Non-toxic


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