Mineral Absorbents

(Looks like small pebbles…)

Clay-based Absorbents

(Looks like small rocks made of clay…)

Mineral and Clay-Based

Mineral absorbents have been popular for decades.  Not because they work well, but because there was no better alternative.  They are dusty, messy, have to be mined, are potentially carcinogenic and flat do not work as well as SpillVak.  Check out the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about!  SpillVak significantly outperforms mineral-based absorbents.

Clay-based absorbents have been used even longer than mineral-based absorbents and they work just as poorly.  In this video, we do a weight-to-weight (3oz) comparison between SpillVak and the most popular clay-based absorbent on the market.  Take a look and determine for yourself which works better.

We’ve had requests for a combined version of the two videos above…so…you’re welcome.  Watch below.



Other Coconut-based

(a.k.a. Not all coconut is created equally.) 

Other Coconut-Based

We caught some flack for doing a weight-to-weight comparison between SpillVak and the above absorbents.  To set the record straight, the below video shows that clay and mineral absorbents don’t hold a candle to SpillVak in a volume-to-volume comparison either.

Many people ask us what makes SpillVak different from other coconut-based absorbents. The answer is waaay nerdy and comes down to the chemical and physical properties of the coconut itself. In a nutshell (no pun intended), not all coconut is created equally, just like not all apples are created equally. In fact, comparing coconut absorbents is not an apples-to-apples comparison…as you’ll in these next two videos.  The first one compares SpillVak to other coconut absorbents using Antifreeze, a low viscosity fluid.  The second uses automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

…and for the second video.  This one shows how SpillVak outperforms other coconut-based absorbents on a higher viscosity fluid (automative transmission fluid.)

Absorbent Mats

Absorbent mats are a great tool to have for small spills that just need to be wiped up, or to put under a temporary leak until it is fixed. We recommend that you keep one or two in a SpillKit for that purpose. SpillVak is significantly more effective at pickup up large spills, however. It works faster, cleaner, more thoroughly and is easier to clean up than a mat ever could. It is also reusable and significantly less expensive when cleaned up and reused appropriately. It’s #onetoughsucker


Cooking Oil

Printing Ink

We had a request a while ago to try to absorb eggs. In a professional kitchen or bakery, when they drop eggs, they DROP EGGS! Have you ever tried to clean up an egg that has dropped where it shouldn’t be? Wiping it up just smears it around in a really gross and messy way. Try 5 dozen! SpillVak absorbs that egg right up and gets it out of the way, so they can go back to making the rest of us some cookies! And because SpillVak is NSF certified, it is approved for use in professional kitchens. It’s #onetoughsucker!
Because SpillVak is NSF certified, customers who work in a professional kitchen environment can rest assured it is safe for use in their kitchen. One of the fluids most often spilled in a kitchen in cooking oil. In this video, we demonstrate how well SpillVak absorbs a gallon of cooking oil (both fresh and used). From messy spill to totally cleaned up in under 6 minutes and no one had to get messy to get it done!
Printing Ink? Man, that stuff is nasty! We had to be really careful with this one, to make sure that we didn’t get it on anything to keep the mess and stain down as best we could! Print shops have to take all kinds of precautions to keep this waste ink from ending up in all sorts of places it shouldn’t be! When it ends up it spots where it should be, SpillVak is there to absorb. All you do is cover, contain, combine and collect! We got 5 uses out of SpilVak this time and used a light dusting at the end to remove any of the ink that remained. That’s a great pro tip for anyone! In fact, spread a find dusting of SpillVak on any surface and use it like a floor sweep.  It’s #onetoughsucker!

Printing Ink II (Hardening Ink for disposal.)

Chocolate Syrup

In most municipalities in the US, waste ink and paint must be combined with an absorbent before it can be disposed of. Typically people are advised to use cat litter or other clay-based or mineral absorbents. SpillVak is significantly lighter, more effective all-natural and surpasses EPA leachate standards for both land and waterway. It’s #onetoughsucker!
“SpillVak Absorbs Chocolate Syrup? Who cares?” We thought the same thing until we started working with professional kitchens who use much larger containers of chocolate syrup than the small squirt bottle we used in this video! In those situations, when it spills, IT SPILLS! Because chocolate syrup contains a LOT of sugar, it makes a sticky mess that makes it more difficult than some of the other food spills we have cleaned up. Any time sugar is involved, it does take some more work to get it off the ground, but SpillVak masterfully removes it from the ground, cleans up in minutes and allows the kitchen staff to get right back to cooking up some chocolatey goodness! And because SpillVak is NSF Certified, kithchen managers can rest assured that it is approved for professional kitchen use! #spillvak is #onetoughsucker!

Miscellaneous, Important stuff!

Your employees are lifting significantly less weight with SpillVak

Strip Mining for an absorbent?  There is a better way.

SpillVak Cleans Tools!

Overexertion injuries, of which lifting injuries are included cost employers $15.08 Billion dollars a year.*  SpillVak weighs between one-fourth and one-fifth of the weight of historically accepted absorbents. In this video, you’ll see Logan, a member of our research team, carrying 18 bags of SpillVak, weighing in at 90lbs. The equivlent amount of clay or mineral-based absorbents would be between 400 and 500 lbs. SpillVak can be lifted by hand… The competition would require a forklift…or a kidney belt, knee braces a back brace and a fresh set of Workman’s Comp forms! Although SpillVak is ultra light, it is #onetoughsucker!

*2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.

Have you ever lived close to a strip mine?  SpillVak is a Las Vegas-based company and, unfortunately, we have a strip mine just a few miles to the south of us.  The natural beauty of the Mojave Desert is one of the things we love most about our town, the strip mine is decidedly not a part of that beauty.  With strip mining, Companies take a beautiful mountain with peaks, vegetation and wildlife and cut, dig, drill and blast right through the beauty to pull minerals out for other uses. 

Now, make no mistake, we know in many cases that mining is the only way to access minerals that are important to life on this planet.  We appreciate all of the hours of hard work and toil that miners across the globe put into their job and the value that they provide economies throughout the world.

But when there are other sources that pose no health risk, are better for the environment and do not scar the landscape, now that’s something we can get behind.

Let’s look back at this mine and compare it to one of the places from which we can source the raw material that becomes SpillVak.  Removing our material from its source actually beautifies some of the most breathtaking views on earth, like this one. 

Strip mining, on the other hand, is how the raw material that makes up mineral and clay-based absorbents are  made available there is quite a difference in these processes.

Our customers are always surprised to learn that SpillVak is more than just the best fluid absorbent known to man, but that it also cleans tools. 

Kevin, who oversees production, always keeps SpillVak fluid absorbent strategically located throughout the facility, so that the production team can clean their tools if they are working on a piece of equipment that just so happens to leak. 

In this video, we demonstrate how our team would clean their tools if a fluid of some kind does come into contact with them.  It’s really just a matter of putting the tools in a container of SpillVak, letting it do its thing, pulling the tool out of the container and getting back to the job at hand. 

Some fluids/greases take a little more work, but a nice stiff-bristle brush can take care of that pretty easily or just leaving the tools in the container of SpillVak over night works with most fluids as well.  We’d love to hear what application for which you use this #onetoughsucker!