Dealing with oil spills is something with which most mechanics and tow operators are quite familiar with. Need a quick solution for a hazardous spill?  SpillVak is a perfect option, as it is a product line of non-toxic absorbents that trap the most difficult spills without exposing you to toxic material. This absorbent helps to absorb the spilled fluid, reducing the slippery residue that is left behind. Also, SpillVak does not contain carcinogens like other silica or clay-based absorbents on the market. Since this absorbent does not contain carcinogens, it will not harm you, your employees or your customers. Read below to find out more about the advantages of using this environmentally friendly absorbent.




SpillVak Absorbent Won’t Damage Surfaces
One of the biggest disadvantages that come with using a clay-based absorbent is the jagged edges the granules have. Putting these granules down on the floor may help to soak up the liquid, but this material can also do a lot of damage to your flooring. If these jagged pieces are dragged along the surface of your flooring, it can lead to a scratched surface Instead of risking this type of damage, you need to use SpillVak absorbent. It doesn’t damage surfaces, rather cleans and absorbs the spill damage-free.


No Oily Residue Left Behind
If you are familiar with clay-based absorbents, you know all too well how messy they can be. Once you have removed these granules from your floor, you will probably notice an oily residue left behind. This residue can lead to workers slipping and falling. Instead of putting yourself and your workers in danger, you need to use SpillVak absorbent. This absorbent will eliminate oily residue caused by a spill, ensuring a clean oil-free workspace.  


Most clay-based absorbents are full of harmful carcinogens which can cause significant damage to your body and can lead to health problems down the road. SpillVak is completely non-toxic and carcinogen free, so you won’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals found in other absorbents.
What are you waiting for? Contact SpillVak today to find out more about their all-natural absorbent. Once you use this product, you will never want to use another absorbent again.