SpillVak’s #1 request over the past year has been for spill kits.  We have created some custom spill kits for customers when requested, but we never had any that were part of our permanent product line.  As of today, we are pleased to announce that our spill kits are now available and should be on our site for purchase or can be purchased through our distributor network in the near future.  You can purchase them now by messaging us directly with your order at the telephone number or email address listed below.


The standard kit contains two 5’ SpillVak boom socks with never-before-seen absorption capabilities, a 5 gallon bag of SpillVak in high viscosity formula, low viscosity formula or our new crumble formula, a pair of safety goggles, a few pairs of gloves and three waste disposal bags all in a durable, reusable bucket.


Along with the standard spill kit, we can also customize a spill kit to fit your needs, including custom lengths for the boom socks.


To order, or for more information you can contact us at info@SpillVak.com or call us at 702-966-5167.