5 Gallon Bucket

Our 5 Gallon bucket provides you with 5 lbs of reusable SpillVak, in a UN approved bucket/screw top lid, that contains no metals.  The bucket offers strength and endurance that a refill bag cannot.  Use it in your shop to store and refull with used SpillVak until it is completely saturated.  Because the bucket contains no metals, when you’re done with the bucket, screw it tight back on and dispose of in accordance with the requirements of your local municipality.

5 Gallon Refill Bag

This little 5 gallon bag of SpillVak weighs in at just 5 lbs. and will absorb what 20 to 25 lbs of clay or mineral-based absorbents will absorb.  If you’ve seen our Videos, you’ve seen how SpillVak significantly outperforms these other absorbents.  If you haven’t click the link and check it out.  SpillVak even outperforms other coconut-based absorbents.  It’s #onetoughsucker!

1 Gallon Grip Jar

For smaller spills.  Perfect for strategic placement in your personal or professional garage, workshop, kitchen, etc.  Place a 1 gallon grip jar of SpillVak strategically where spills could occur and you’ll be ready when the mess happens!

Boom Sock

Spill Kit

Special Offer!

34 Gallon Box