“No brakes!” Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Anthony Vanetti yelled as he hit 187 mph in the quarter mile at Indy and then plunged all the way through the safety bed of sand to crash into the netting still going 90 mph. Vanetti, who walked away from the accident unscathed, compared the incident to his amateur hobby bull riding days as a youth adding that “it’s nothing you want to do with a Pro Bike in a drag race”. We highly recommend you take a few minutes and watch the video of his wild ride here.  It’ll definitely be worth your time!

Catching Vanetti in the more idyllic setting of his toy-hauler RV, where he was busy preparing his bike for a weekend competition in nearby Fontana, California for Team Lucas, before the weather hit. With a dual career as an ET Bracket Bike competitor and purchaser of raw materials for Lucas Oil, Vanetti took a timeout to talk about his experience with SpillVak.

Anthony Press Picture

“I first came across them at the Winternationals in 2017. Really good people to talk to so I decided to try out their product. My job is to purchase base oils, additives for Lucas, whatever it takes to get the oil produced, onto pallets and out the door. I am always interested in a good product in our field.”

 “SpillVak surprised me.” Vanetti continued. “It is super easy to use. It doesn’t just mix with a spill, it actively absorbs it. And the surprising thing is the reusability. I just got a 5-gallon pail at Home Depot and keep reusing the SpillVak over and over. The cool thing is that just a little bit goes a long way. The first time I used it, I poured on way too much.”

“To give you an idea, we had a spill here a couple of weeks ago. An individual was packing down the ramp a couple of 5-gallon pails. Of course, the lids weren’t on super tight. When he slipped over the edge the oil spilled out on contact. It was a pretty good mess all over the place. We had it cleaned up in 10 minutes, I mean completely cleaned up.”


“Everyone in the shop agrees, SpillVak is the best clean up product we have had since anyone can remember. We’ve been through a lot of products like this. I’ve been using SpillVak on concrete in the plant and the in the pit area, but the guys in the shop say it doesn’t scratch the shop floor or leave a film.

“You know the average, every day garage-type guy will love this stuff – doesn’t matter if you are working on bikes, classic cars, sports cars…most of them are really tedious about clean-up. They like an immaculate shop floor. And they are organized. SpillVak is just one more way to keep your garage clean and have it clean in a hurry. No one has time to be swishing up spills in kitty litter, which is sometimes worse than the original spill. SpillVak sucks it up and you sweep and go. I think SpillVak is great in the racing community – where we have no patience with spills”.

Vanetti went back to tweaking his bike for the weekend race in Fontana. The active bike racer, former snowboarder, and amateur bull rider smiled, “You’re right, I do love speed…when it’s safe.”