Tops Apps-Tow Truck Drivers


Being a tow truck driver can be a lot of fun. At SpillVak, we take pride in providing the best non-toxic absorbent to tow truck drivers all over the world. We understand just how important it is to clean up spills quickly so you can get back on the road making money. A great way to save yourself time and stress is by finding smartphone apps that are specifically designed for tow truck drivers. You may be surprised to learn about all of the great apps out there on the market. Below are just some of the smartphone apps you may want to use while working as a tow truck driver.


The Waze App

When time is of the essence, being able to find the shortest route to your customer is a must. If you are new to an area or just need a helping hand, the Waze app is a great option. This app will provide you with information regarding the shortest route to your destination and will also provide you with turn by turn directions in real time.  Instead of letting a bad sense of direction or even a traffic jam get in the way of reach your customer on time, you should download the Waze app today!


The ReadItToMe App

One of the worst things any tow truck driver can do when behind the wheel is take their eyes off of the road even for a split second to look at their phone. Instead of driving while distracted, you should take advantage of the ReadItToMe app. This app will be able to read your text messages, notifications or even app alerts. You can set this program to automatically read anything that comes in, which means you won’t have to worry about pulling over to activate ReadItToMe.


The iExit App

Are you having to travel a long distance to give a customer a tow? If so, downloading the iExit app is a great idea. Whether you are looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat or fill up your tow truck, this app can help you out. All you have to do is enter your existing location and let iExit do the rest.

If you are in need of a non-toxic absorbent to put into your tow truck for spill-related emergencies, look no further than SpillVak.