Cars have come a long way in the past decade or so, and now most of them have built-in cameras, GPS systems and traffic alerts. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have these gadgets in our cars, which is where apps can save the day.

Apps are designed to make every part of our lives easier, and that includes driving. There are tons of apps on the market today that can save you money, time and streamline your commute.

We know there are tons of apps out there, but these five have the tools and the user reviews that prove they’re worth the lucrative real estate on your phone:

  • GasBuddy

Gas prices are climbing right now, so GasBuddy will become your new best friend. This app shows you gas prices at every gas station near you, so you can easily see where the cheapest gas is. It’s also great for summer road trips. With their trip cost calculator, you can find out how much gas will cost you on your drive.

  • GPS Apps

The days of keeping a bulky GPS unit on your dashboard are long gone. Now, GPS systems like TomTom and Garmin have user-friendly apps that give you directions straight from your phone. If you’re looking to branch out from the basic Google maps, give Waze a try. Waze uses community data, so users can report traffic cameras, accidents and other road hazards that Google or Apple may not have.

  • iCarMode

You should never use your phone while driving, but sometimes important calls come up. If you have to be using your phone while you’re driving, iCarMode is a must-have app. This app turns your phone’s display into large buttons, so you can easily click on your music, make a phone call or get to your GPS app. A similar app called Dashdroid is available for Android phone users.

  • RepairPal

No matter how careful you are, things are bound to go wrong with your car at some point or another. RepairPal is that app that estimates how much repairing your car will cost you. You’ll get to avoid a long trip to the auto body shop just to get a quote.

  • Carcorder

Dashboard cameras are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and now you can use one right on your phone. Simply mount your phone on your dashboard and let Carcorder do the rest. You’ll have a record of every move you made while driving, which helps in the event of an accident or traffic ticket.