To the auto fanatic, no four letters drive the feeling of excitement from head to toe so strongly as S-E-M & A.  SEMA means fall.  SEMA means new.  SEMA means CARS.  SEMA means connecting.  SEMA means LIFE!

SpillVak is thrilled to launch our company and our line of spill sucking products to one of the most exciting markets on plant earth at the most exciting auto show on planet earth!

To celebrate our launch and this years’ SEMA, we pulled out all the stops.

  • An immaculately beautiful Ferrari!
  • A tricked out, supercharged, super painted , super wrapped Hummer that SCREAMS!
  • One of the top ranked boxers in the world and the #1 ranked cruiserweight boxer in the United States, BJ Flores!
  • Our new commercial that demonstrates how SpillVak is One Tough Sucker, starring BJ, our very own Tough Sucker!
  • A CRAZY amount of SpillVak merch like t-shirts, ball caps, skullcaps, neck gaiters and more!
  • Product demonstrations
  • SEMA show specials that will blow your tires off!
  • Live tweeting that may just make you famous (OK…maybe that’s an overstatement, but it will be fun and you just may a part!)
  • …and more!

Because this is our first year, we will be in the Westgate Hotel, right where you register.  When you walk down the hall to get to the North Hall, we will be right there at the end of the walkway, three spaces down.  You’ll see us…trust me.  We have made sure of that!  See you there!