SpillVak LV

SpillVak Low Viscosity


We are putting our competition on notice with SpillVak LV. We have met with their customers. They have told us of their struggle and the competition has not answered. Well…we have…with SpillVak LV. We have heard on numerous occasions that our competition does not absorb liquids of lower viscosity in a way that satisfies the customer. Antifreeze, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and other hydraulic fluids of all kinds are now absorbed quickly, cleanly and effectively by SpillVak LV. The competition does not stand a chance against this ONE TOUGH SUCKER!


Ideal For

Antifreeze, Gasoline, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, All Low Viscosity Fluids

Multi Use

Reusable up to 4 times

Non Toxic

100% All Natural, Carcinogen-free

Leaves No Trace

Traps the spill, leaving no residue behind