SpillVak HV

SpillVak High Viscosity


Oils and fluids of higher viscosities do not stand a chance against our SpillVak HV! Specifically formulated out of the right 100% natural raw material, SpillVak HV will suck those higher viscosity fluids deep within its walls that can only be seen through an electron microscope, where the magic happens. SpillVak HV traps these tough fluids into the wall and hang on to them for dear life SpillVak HV is available in a loose form and wind resistant crumbles in 1, 3, 5 and 30 gallon formats. Each format is available in a disposable package (1, 3 and 5 in bags and 30 gallon in a cardboard barrel) and in a UN-approved bucket or barrel that can be picked up by an environment waste company, unopened and placed directly into an incinerator. These buckets are also available for sale individually and make a great storage place for your SpillVak HV. SpillVak HV is ONE TOUGH SUCKER!


SpillVak is

Specially formulated for Motor Oil

Multi Use

Reusable up to 4 times

Non Toxic

100% All Natural, Carcinogen-free

Leaves No Trace

Traps the spill, leaving no residue behind