Suck up spills in record time
with ultra absorbent SpillVak

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Ultra Absorbent

Surpasses the sucking power
of standard absorbent products. SpillVak
is designed for your toughest spills.

No Residue

Unlike most absorbent products that only soak up the surface, SpillVak traps spills, helping reduce the slippery residue others leave behind.


Most clay or silica-based absorbents on the market contain dangerous carcinogens
that can be harmful to both employees and customers.
SpillVak is 100% natural and completely non-toxic.

Contains Silica: a possible
carcinogenic material.
100% Organic.
Granular Clay
Universal Absorbent

Use it on
All Your Spills

Motor OilGasolineTransmission FluidAntifreeze
and more...

One Tough Sucker

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